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Category Fiber
Artist BAG44
Concentration Handbags / Magnets
Brief Overview Handmade bags and magnets: Combining art, fashion, and functionality, BAG44 offers a collection of custom designed handbags and magnets in fabulous colors, patterns and sizes. From dramatic to classic, whimsical to modern fashion, their styles appeal to all ages.
Artist Statement BAG44 handbags are made of designer, decorator fabrics and materials; faux and real leather, suede, canvas, wool, silks, satins. The collection includes totes, hobos, hipsters, messenger bags, diaper bags and more.

Employing different forms of artistic expression, the collaborative creativity of two sisters comes together to produce handbags that combine art, fashion and functionality. Joyce Gunnell and Pam Keibler are sisters and partners in BAG44. The BAG44 purse-shaped magnets are made by Justin Keibler. The magnets are made of the same fabrics, leather, and suede used to make BAG44 handbags; unique, detailed, adorable. Customers can buy ready-made bags or they can customize BAG44 handbags to reflect their own personal taste and style.

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Kentucky Guild of Artists & Craftsmen
Louisville Artisans Guild
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LaGrange KY 40031
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